How did we start??

I made my first candle in 1998. Like most candle maker's, I started it as a hobby in my kitchen. You would think I would have started with something simple, like a votive or a wax melt, but, that is just not my style to start anything the easy way. So, instead of starting with the easy stuff, the first candle I made was a 3x6 pillar candle. 

It was a metal mold.

I did not know how hot the mold would get. It makes sense now that if you pour 180 degree wax into a metal mold, it should get very hot.

I had just redone my kitchen, by myself, which included new flooring. 

I also, did not know how to secure the mold. You see, candle molds sometimes have holes on both ends. 

It was a deep purple. That is my sister's favorite color. This terrific candle was going to be for her. 

So, there I was, all my ingredients were added, my wax was at perfect pouring temperature, 185 degree's. I was ready to go!

I started pouring the wax (which is liquid at this point) into the mold very slowly. 

Pouring,, pouring,, pouring. The entire mold was filled. I was pretty proud.

And, then it happened. My 185 degree wax started pouring out of the mold! I was in a panic, so I picked up the metal mold with both hands. I turned it upside down and wax started pouring out BOTH ends all over my new counter, my new floor and my stove. It took me a week to get all the wax off of everything. But, I never did get the purple color out. And, I burnt my hands. 

And, the worst part, there was my sister's beautiful candle, all over my kitchen. The last thing it resembled was a candle. 

Most people would have quit. But, again, that's just not my style. I regrouped, got a votive mold and started again. This time, I researched how to prep my molds so this didn't happen again. This time, the candle came out better. It was better, but not great. My goal was to make a candle as good as my mother's favorite candle company. It took me a year to accomplish that. Every day, for one year.

As I made candles, I gave them to my mom and sister. But, even they could only burn so many at a time. Which meant, I had boxes and boxes full of candles. They had imperfections, they weren't just up to my standards. So, one day my husband had a friend over and the friend asked what smelled so good. My husband, Rocky, told his friend I make candles as a hobby. As it turned out, his friend loved candles. Yep, I loaded him up with boxes from my kitchen. The next day the friend called and asked how much I sell my candles for. I  told him I didn't sell them, it was just a hobby.  He said I needed to figure out prices because he had taken the boxes of candles home and sold them all. 

"Sold them??  Who did you sell them to??"  I had no idea how much people loved candles. So, I made a price list and he held my first candle party for me.

And, Candle Land was born!

In 2015 we renamed it to Scented Creations, because now the home fragrance industry encompasses more than candles and we needed a name that was flexible. 

I have three passions in life. My family, educating people about Angelman Syndrome and making candles. I have been blessed that I can turn a hobby into a small business and keep a flexible schedule to ensure I can balance my life. 

It is my hope that when a person uses one of my products, that it gives them as much joy, as I get making them.





  • I am so glad you have started back up!! Not only do you candles burn evenly but them smell wonderful. I love the wax melts too!!

  • I’m glad you didn’t give up!


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