Do you want to earn credit on our products?? Have an online party! Click here to check it out!

What?? I can host a party and not be local??

Yes, you can! We know people not only love our products, but also love getting FREE products and some of those people are not local. We offer online candle parties!

How does an online candle party work?

It's easy! Just shoot me an e-mail at and let me know you are interested!

I will e-mail you back a few documents that will include:

-The guidelines for your online party

-your start and end dates, and most importantly,,,,,,

-your credit you will receive. 

My family and friends close to me don't like to buy online. How do they order?

Ordering online is just one way for your party to be successful. We want you to get as much credit as possible, so along with the few informational documents above, we will also e-mail you a scent list, a price list, and an informational flyer with all the information you will need for your family and friends to order from you. At the end of your party, just e-mail me the order's you received online! 


Contact us today to host an online party!